Rhino Experience

A unique opportunity to be up close and personal with these incredible animals

Buffalo Kloof is home to a healthy population of white and black rhino, a rehabilitation journey which began in 2010. We are very proud to play our part in conserving and protecting this keystone species. We offer the opportunity to take part in our rhino notching programme with Dr William Fowlds, which is crucial for their monitoring and protection.  This experience truly changes ones perspective forever. 

About Our Rhino Experience

Rhinos play a crucial role in balancing the ecosystem. They are essential grazers and browsers, consuming large amounts of vegetation, which helps shape the landscape and benefits other animals.

The last few decades has seen an alarming increase in rhino poaching in South Africa with populations declining steadily since the 1970s. The management of rhino on the conservancy is an intensive and costly process because of the pressure that the illegal wildlife trade has put them under.

When rhino calves reach a certain age, they need to be “notched” for identification purposes. This enables the monitoring team on the ground to identify individuals. The procedure is crucial for their protection. We offer guests the chance to contribute to the conservation of these endangered species by partaking in the notching of our rhinos. Guests are invited to join Dr. William Fowlds and the rhino darting team for an unforgettable experience. During this expedition you will be given the opportunity to administer medication, take measurements for scientific and medical purposes, and monitor the animal while it is under anaesthetic.


Experience Rhino Notching

Hands-on conservation is what we’re all about and we like to give guests the opportunity to be involved in the ‘behind the scenes’ side of things. Rhino notching is a unique opportunity to be up close and personal with an incredible animal. It is a humbling experience to be shared with guests, in the hope that more people become voices for rhino conservation.


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