Hunting Safaris

Wildlife conservation with class & hunting with thought.

At Buffalo Kloof, we offer tailor-made safaris that cater to hunters of all experience levels. With wildlife conservation remaining our top priority, our hunting packages place a strong focus on ethical codes, and preserving the integrity of these magnificent animals.  Our diverse landscape is home to a variety of species, from big game to plains game. This allows for hunters to enjoy thrilling adventures, as well as, family bonding experiences.

A hunting safari at Buffalo Kloof is an adventure of a lifetime. It is as much about the journey of the hunt as it is the final harvest. All our hunting is done by the method of ‘walk and stalk’ to experience the unique Eastern Cape Thicket, smell the fresh air and feel the African sun against your cheek. This fashion of taking on the elements and experiencing wildlife in its purest form ensures that the magnificent African animals get the respect and admiration they deserve.

Buffalo Kloof strives for nothing less than the ultimate safari experience. All hunting on the reserve is done according to the ethical, fair chase principles of our hunting heritage, which indeed preserve the integrity of the animal and the adventure of the hunt. Canned hunting, shooting from vehicles, or other practices contrary to fair chase are strictly prohibited. Buffalo Kloof is dedicated to the traditions that make African hunting the adventure of a lifetime. We are driven to keep those principles and practices alive.

Fair Chase

Hunting at Buffalo Kloof is a once in a lifetime adventure. The thrill of the chase and the connection with nature, are all components that create cherished moments. In short, it’s as much about the journey, as it is about the trophy.

We pride ourselves in being a Rowland Ward fair chase outfitter in South Africa. All hunting experiences on our reserve follow fair chase principles, which ensures that the integrity of our beautiful African animals is preserved. The walk-and-stalk hunting method is used, which allows for a fully immersed experience in nature. Practices contrary to fair chase, are strictly prohibited. By remaining dedicated to ethical hunting practices and principles, Buffalo Kloof offers you an authentic and traditional African hunting adventure.

Big Game

Celebrated for their magnificent size and majestic presence, big game has captivated hunters for generations. While some species in this category are more dangerous than others, this authentic South African hunting safari is all about the thrill and adventure.

The wildlife at Buffalo Kloof is truly spectacular, boasting an abundance of big game species such as buffalo, kudu, gemsbok, wildebeest, roan antelope, and hippopotamus. You can look forward to fostering a deep connection with nature as you pursue these regal African beauties using walk and stalk methods. This hunting experience is sure to test your skills as a hunter, often demanding a strong knowledge of the animal and fast reflexes.

Plains Game Hunting

Known for their agility and unique behaviour, plains game is a variety of species that allow hunters to embark on exciting, challenging hunts.

Plains game hunting holds a rich cultural heritage in Africa, dating back to a time when communities hunted purely for sustenance and survival. Pursuing plains game today allows hunters the opportunity to experience and connect with these traditional historical practices of African communities. When pursuing these striking and stealthy animals, you can enjoy your surroundings, whilst also honing your skills as a hunter. On this hunt, you will encounter beautiful plains game, such as black impala, springbok, zebra, and warthog.

Family Hunts

Share an adventure with those you hold dear, and cherish these memories forever. Our family hunting safaris offer you the opportunity to bond with your family, in the heart of nature.

Experience those momentous ‘firsts’ as you watch your little one take their first aim, or encounter magnificent species that you have always dreamt of. Our goal is to create the perfect hunting safari for you and your family. With our tailor made safaris, we ensure you experience everything you're looking for. Whether it's a plains game hunting safari or thrilling encounters with larger species, we'll make it happen for you and your family.

As part of our ecological management and sustainability model at Buffalo Kloof, we selectively harvest a set quota of animals every year. This is based on scientific observations considering, among others, carrying capacity, stocking densities, predator to prey ratios, and rainfall patterns. It is necessary to remember the importance of what hunters do for the conservation of wildlife. By visiting Buffalo Kloof you are choosing to support an effort to expand wilderness areas, allowing for bigger and safer spaces for wildlife to roam in their most natural form.