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Where to start.. the past month has been very busy at Buffalo Kloof with many different things happening. From rhino notchings, to incredible sightings and the arrival of the Tembe elephant bulls, we hope you enjoy this month in pictures…


The most crucial factor of managing rhino is being able to identify each one of them so our anti poaching team can monitor them effectively. All our rhino are notched when they are about 2.5 years of age, where different small marks are made in their ears. During this procedure, microchips are inserted, DNA is also gathered from tails hair and horn shavings and put into a database. We thank these clients for participating in this once in a life time experience and for making this possible, we hope you enjoyed it and will remember it forever. This female white rhino was named Hope by client Clare Cheeseman.


Another group of clients funded a black rhino collar removal, where an old non working collar was removed. If collars are no longer working they have to be removed as they can cause more damage than good, this is an essential part of monitoring our black rhino and we thank our clients for participating in this and funding this. It was a busy morning, with lots of helicopter flying involved, eventually the rhino was found and the collar replaced. A few pictures below of the unforgettable mornings experience.


Welcoming 2 bulls of the ages 20 and 18 from Tembe Elephant Park KZN has been unforgettable. After months of planning and collaboration, capturing and a 27 hour road journey, these 2 giants finally arrived at their new home. A relocation like this does not happen overnight, and we have many people to thank! A Tembe Elephant blog post will be posted soon! For now we hope you enjoy these pictures..


It has been great to be able to welcome guests again, allowing us to share our little piece of heaven. We loved getting to know these 2 adventurers, Josh and Beanie enjoying our sundowners spot known as The Slip.

Our rewilded female cheetah, Khatu from Ashia found eating on an impala kill. Photo by guest photographer Chris Baker

A spoonbill looking for food along the banks of Chiziwa Dam. Photo by Mike Duxbury

Two giraffe standing inquisitively, notice their umbilical cords, they must be of a similar age. Photo by guest photographer Stan Blumburg.

Elephant crossing the road in front of a stormy sky. Picture taken by a guest.

Hues of a typical Eastern Cape sunset

We hoped you enjoyed these! Stay tuned for more blog posts following soon!

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