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Life on the reserve has changed remarkably as we have welcomed substantial summer rains over the last month! It has been incredible to see how the reserve has rejuvenated and the evergreen Albany thicket is looking recharged. The animals are relaxed and these summer afternoons have provided some unbelievable game viewing encounters. We hope you enjoy November in pictures…

Before the arrival of the rains. Giraffe, Golden Wildebeest & Impala in the golden afternoon light. Picture – Conor Thompson.

African Fish Eagle perched amongst Euphorbia. Picture – Hannah Rippon.

Not your usual sighting, 3 Black Rhino hanging out together as our APU member Conor would say. Picture – Conor Thompson

Khatu our rewilded cheetah from Ashia has been keeping our animal monitors very busy. We have collaborated with Stellenbosch student Allison Muller, Ashia Cheetah Conservation and Endangered Wildlife Trust and are currently doing research about captive bred cheetah being released back into the wild. More information to follow soon. Picture – Jess Shuttleworth.

A herd of Eland enjoying the new green slopes. Picture- Hannah Rippon.

Rhino and calf against the Eastern Cape “blue hills”. Photo – Hannah Rippon.

A white rhino notching experience with guests Alasia and Charles. An essential part of rhino protection! Thank you Charles and Alasia for sponsoring this – your contribution means the world to us and our Rhino! Pictures – Hannah Rippon.

A Kudu bull standing amongst Wild Olive trees. Picture- Hannah Rippon

A Black-headed Oriole found a flying ant for lunch. Picture- Mike Duxbury.

Summer afternoon views from “The Slip”. Picture- Hannah Rippon.

We have welcomed a new baby elephant to the Atherstone herd! Picture- Jess Shuttleworth.

And last but not least… something very exciting! This incredible couple got engaged at “The Slip”. We wish you Brad & Nerissa many happy exciting years ahead.

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