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Our vision at Buffalo Kloof is to become the leading pioneer in proving that you can support eco-tourism, photographic safaris, and hunting practices as well. All tourism models have their place in supporting wildlife and wilderness areas, and it’s crucial we start thinking with an open mind collectively about all conservation practices. Wildlife habitat is declining, and today wildlife and humans have to co-exist.

Ethical Harvesting – is a term we have coined to describe our approach to hunting. This is a crucial element in the sustainability of maintaining healthy ecosystems, facilitating genetic diversity, and supporting surrounding local communities that rely heavily on the continued protection and sustainable utilization of their surrounding wilderness areas.

All ethical harvesting on the conservancy is done to the highest ethical standards. We strictly adhere to fair chase principles and only do ‘walk and stalk’ hunting. We are fully committed to preserving the integrity of the animal and the adventure of the hunt. Canned hunting, shooting from vehicles (unless for medical reasons), or other practices contrary to fair chase is strictly prohibited at Buffalo Kloof, and we do not associate with these practices!

As part of our ecological management and sustainability model at Buffalo Kloof, we selectively harvest a set quota of animals every year. This is based on scientific observations considering, among others, carrying capacities, stocking densities, predator to prey ratios, and rainfall patterns. It is vitally essential that wildlife is managed; without management, certain fast-producing species will soon outnumber others and tip the scale of a healthy ecosystem. This, in turn, leads to overgrazing, destruction of sensitive habitat, and inbreeding.

It is necessary to remember the importance of what hunters do to conserve wildlife. Unfortunately, ‘hunting’ has become a taboo subject of conversation in many circles in today’s world. Due to some unethical hunting practices, almost all hunting is branded under the same banner of ‘ruthless killing for sport.’ However, this is far from the truth, and in fact, without hunting, much of the African wildlife that still exists would be long gone! For us at Buffalo, Kloof hunting is about far more than just the kill. It is about becoming absorbed by the journey of the hunt and the responsibility that accompanies the ability to harvest a wild animal.

Balancing hunting and eco-tourism, we can confidently say, is no easy task for our marketing team, but if done correctly and openly, there is an opportunity for each to flourish beside one another. Both are fundamentally important in preserving Africa’s wild landscape and wildlife areas. We are proud to stand and say we balance hunting, photographic, and eco safaris.

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